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Sharing job postings regularly & at scale is hard

It takes a village to hire great candidates. It's easy to miss great candidates for open positions when creating awareness about your hiring is low. Many of us lack the tools to share job postings with our network of supporters, investors, and coworkers. This is why we build GoSquad. With GoSquad, you ...

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A delightful app to support you where it matters most

GoSquad allows you to grow your network of supporters. Create a team for hiring and marketing and manage your investors, coworkers, family, and friends across channels like emails and Slack.

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Why GoSquad?


A true edge for HR & recruiting

Get your entire network behind your hiring efforts. Send cross-channel messages and increase engagement.


Faster than the speed of light

GoSquad is built on modern technologies. Our stack is fast, scalable, and secure. We're constantly evolving and improving.


Agile in mind, heart & body

We build for agile teams. Send a broadcast in minutes. Choose a plan that is right for you and cancel anytime. It is that simple.


First-class integrations

We love integrations. GoSquad integrates with many tools seamlessly. Integrations are a priority to us.

* No credit card required

Grow with us into a network-driven organization

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